MB 'til the death of me! :)

I’m beyond insulted…!

We had a pep rally at school Friday and my friend posted a video of Instagram with me in the background. Some girl said “the guy in the back tho”….I’m really skinny and plus I look like my brother. Now I’m even more insecure about my body and face. I try to gain weight, but it doesn’t work. Excuse me for being dark skinned, skinny, with thin hair. I honestly don’t even know what yo do now. Like wtf!

I'm having fun playing Spelling *NEW* trivia... and I'm getting paid!   

I just got a PERFECT score playing Spelling *NEW* trivia!
See how well you can do!


do you ever shift in bed slightly and suddenly youre in the most perfect sleeping position ever and you feel like the fucking planets are aligned


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Nah imma sit here and chill

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